Rudy Berus
Tranquility Cove Woodworks
A Robust Dealer
Located in Anchorage, Alaska

About Rudy Berus

I started working with wood in my youth as a helper to my home building uncle in Ohio. I moved to Alaska a young man in 1960 where I continued my working with wood. My first building endeavor was a log structure at the local ski resort. After a stint in college getting a degree in Mechanical Engineering I continued with my habit of working with wood. When my children needed tables and chairs I purchased my first lathe. This was in 1972. The lathe only received my attention when the family or a friend’s project needed something turned. This occasional use continued throughout the next 40 years as projects or fix-it needs arose.

My woodworking activities continued through these years as I built a small rental house and doubled the size of our existing home including a dedicated woodworking shop. Building a complex of four buildings on a fly-in only remote lake took up a lot of my spare time. Most of the furniture and cabinets in our home came from my woodworking activity.

In 2013 I dusted off my old lathe for a friend’s project and while looking for lathe tools on line I discovered a POWERMATIC 91. After lugging it home and completing my friend’s task I thought it would be fun to turn something other than a spindle. Since my new ‘used’ lathe came with a wide assortment of tools including four chucks there was no limit to what I could attempt. After a trip to the local book store where I found a couple of books on how to turn bowls I was hooked. While spending the last 2 plus years developing my skill level I began to feel limited by my lathe.

After spending considerable time studying the lathes that are on the present day market I kept coming back to the ROBUST lathe because of its many user friendly features plus it is American made. When I noticed that there was not an Alaskan dealer I saw this as a chance to challenge me to become a master that I know I can be, by becoming more deeply involved in the turning community. After numerous emails with ROBUST management and a lengthy telephone conversation with ROBUST owner Brent English we agreed that I was a good candidate for an Alaska dealer for the ROBUST line of lathes and tools. I now spend a part of everyday honing my lathe skills.

I have an inventory of ROBUST toolrests, livecenters and cones here in Alaska at my Anchorage location where they can be purchased freight free for your immediate use. I will be traveling to the ROBUST factory in the next couple of months to not only look over their manufacturing facility but to pick-up my American Beauty. I look forward to turning on it and making it available as a demonstrator for all interested parties. Watch for an extended version of ABOUT ME that will be available on this site in the near future. Also watch for YouTube videos from Tranquility Cove Woodworks as I turn on my new ROBUST American Beauty lathe here in Alaska.